2021 2nd IYSF - Academic Symposium on Sources and Envinronmental Protection(IYSF-SEP 2021)
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Xi'an Shiyou University(XSYU) is a unique multidisciplinary university in northwest china characterized by petroleum and petro-chemical engineering. As a study demonstration base of Chinese government scholarship for foreign students in China, XSYU has the independent enrollment right of foreign students. And XSYU is qualified as the first innovation bases of Shaanxi Provincial post-doctoral, as well as Doctor`s degree authorized institution.

XSYU was founded in 1951 as Northwest Petroleum Technical School and upgraded to Xi'an Petroleum institute in 1958. In 1969 it changed into a factory and rebuilt in 1980. In 2003, it was renamed Xi'an Shiyou university.

The university has three campuses, the Yanta campus at Electronic Industrial Park of High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Xi'an, the Mingde campus in Xi'an Zhangba East Road, the Huyi campus in Xi'an Fengjing Industrial Park of Huyi District. XSYU covers an area of 2,078 acre, with total fixed assets of 2.808 billion Yuan and total equipment of 603 million Yuan.

Students of XSYU are from 31 provinces, autonomous regions, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Now there are 14 colleges and 2 departments, more than 16 thousand undergraduate students, 2.3 thousand full-time postgraduate student and PhD, more than 1.1 thousand part-time postgraduate students, more than 1000 foreign students and more than 1.8 thousand professional students. Since the establishment of the school, it has trained more than 150,000 graduates of various types.

XSYU has a distinctive feature and complete categories in the discipline as well as an integrate system which range from undergraduate and graduated to PhD students. There are near 1.8 thousand faculties, among them there are more than 1.2 thousand full-time teachers of which nearly 600 with senior titles, almost 40 professors T2 & T3, approximately 460 doctoral and master tutors, and about 600 with doctoral degrees. Besides, some enjoy outstanding contributions from the state or special government allowances from the State Council, and some are awarded national model teachers, national outstanding teachers, talents of “National 1000-Talents Plan”, accounting for about 40. There are also around 80 talented people, who are Experts with Outstanding Contribution in Shaanxi province, “Sanqin Scholars” in Shaanxi Province, talents of the Shaanxi Provincial “100-Talents Program”, the “New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education” and the “Three-Fives Talents Project” in Shaanxi Province, Advanced Workers, Advanced Individuals of Professional Ethic, Excellent Teachers, Famous Teachers and Humanities Talents in Shaanxi Province and etc.